Jun. 7th, 2016

againstathorn: (Studio pic - pencil shaver)

Today I would like to present ‘Approaching Storm’ by Scottish-American painter William Keith, who was known for his many beautiful landscapes of California. Though ‘Storm’ is a more subdued representation of Keith’s work, it still exemplifies his talent for depicting nature on canvas. His rendering of the trees, their leaves blowing opposite the storm, provides this painting with a striking, muted energy. Though the scene is widely cast in shadow, my eye keeps circling back to that tiny sliver of lake reflecting the bright sky beyond the clouds. The workers seem taken off guard by this change of weather. One of them is even eying the storm while in mid-swing with his hayfork. Nice touch.

What most attracts me to this piece is its odd, foreboding quality, which I find applicable to many other things aside from the weather; It’s indicative of rough times ahead and the inevitable change that awaits after the storm runs its course.
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